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    right for the record i have had a look at the box for the saw as thats all i needed to see and it tells u one the side that the blade will cut max 3mm steel, alu, wood and then it goes on to show you all sorts of combinations of sizes that it cuts and in straight cuts it will do 50 x 120 as the biggest piece i will use is likely to be 60 x 40 then thats perfect for me and at 50 is a bargain.. so thanks again for the nudge towards bnq i've really lucked out here by looks of it.. now i just need to find a pillar dril which tbh i'm seriously considering the one i posted about first

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    If you don't need something quite as hardcore as the evolution rage, tesco's are currently doing the lower end evolution fury saws for 37.
    Buy Evolution TCT Fury 1 Multi Purpose Circular Saw from our Multi Purpose Saw range -

    They also cut wood/alu/steel

    Evolution FURY-B 185mm TCT Multipurpose Circular Saw - YouTube

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    too late it's already bought, soon as i saw the cheap price i told my mum to buy it me for xmas

    and to be fair i'd rather have a table top one got the space for it :D

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