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  1. on 25th oct on way to work i rode into back of parked van. dont know how orwhy. i broke spine at c7 t1 t2 so now officially paraplegic. have useof arms but weak may get some use of fingers back eventually. as u can see i can use technology tho slow n tiring. i will get stronger and relearn howto do stuff. obviously workshop isnt going to happen as planned but still hope to find ways to use minilathe and maxnc mill thogh rest will have to be sold,. will need help with this and setting up. thats all long way in future. in meantime i'll drop in from time to time to say hi as i get stronger. and there will be a blog. lee, best take me off mod duty for now.

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    OMG Irving, im so sorry to hear that, i didnt even know you were a fellow biker. Im so shocked you were the first person i ever spoke to on this site and if you remember i even asked where you were when you didnt post for such a long time some time ago. Listen you dont know me but if there is anything at all i can do to help then please just ask...

    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other - Abe Lincoln

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    Hello Irving, you don't know me, but ever since I joined this motley bunch 18 months or so ago, I have noticed how helpfull you have always been to the newcomer, and fledgeling diy cncer.Always done with style, care,and the ability to get your message across without letting the recipient feel as though he was an idiot... Do take care my friend, and as people have already said , if there is absolutely anything I can do , just say....distance is no object.

    I am just getting back into circulation myself having nearly been killed by my gp who put me on statins a year ago, and I have had a very bad reaction.

    Anyway...all the best...will look forward to you words of wisdom as they appear on here from time to time.


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    Hi irving. Had a few offs as I have been a biker for over 45 years but nothing as bad as that. I am so sorry to hear how bad it is for you. But please be patient with your tools. I am also a wood turner and there are many who in your condition find ways to continue. I do wish you the best.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Irving, I don't know you either but have read quite a lot of posts by you in the short time I have been here & can echo what has been said about the helpoffered by you to others.
    Looks like you have the right attitude & are concentrating on the positive. Easy for me to say not being in your position but please try & maintain that as it will help you a lot especially at times when things aren't going as well or as quickly as you want them to.

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    Wow Irving, that's some serious injuries. I'm glad you're on the way to full/partial recovery and will in time have the ability to still machine. I'm not too far from you so let me know if you need help in anything. Setting up machinery to even help building your workshop. All stuff I enjoy.

    I'm sure your typing will improve when a bargain comes along, we all know how quickly you snap up all the goodies. lol

    Take care friend.

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    Hi Irving sorry to hear of your accident and can only hope your condition improves beyond your docs appraisal ( there not always right ! ). Ive always looked for your posts and read them with intrest even if i didnt completely understand them ! (my fault not yours !) . As said before you always got your message across without treating everyone as stupid which is a skill in its self.
    Intresting title " Irving Reborn " ..... while no one would wish this to happen to anyone , its just one of those things that life throws in the way to make sure we are tested. Hopefully your title suggests your looking in a positive way for your future and i hope your be back here as theres always some idiot who cant wire up stepper motors ! ie: Me ! .

    All the Best Irving .... Nev

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    I’m also very sorry to read we what has happened to you mate, all I can do is also echo what the others have said and offer you both hands, if there is anything I can do for you to make life better please just let me know.

    Don’t even think about the moderation, I’ll be in contact shortly.

    Kind Regards,

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    Very sorry to hear your news Irving... I had thought you were on holiday or summat.

    Ditto to everything that the posts above have said... And many thanks for all your previous advice and posts, a number of which I still have bookmarked for the future!

    Here's hoping that time and/or technology gives you sufficient renewed functionality to again become one of the cornerstones of this forum... Your absence in the interim will be sorely missed as it has already.

    All The Very Best Mate,

  10. Oh sh*t, I don't know want to say.

    Wish you all the best.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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