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    If any northern types can swing past junction 10 of the M6 on the way down, I'm in. Unemployed layabout at the moment so anytime is good for me.

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    il zip down the m1 and help.. keep me posted with dates and times.

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    Hi Irving, short, fat, decrepid and don't have a van, very willing and would be more than happy to assist. I do have a set of machine skates though and access to
    a toe jack. Just shout when ready. G.

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    I'm up for it Irving, but I'm not going to travel 100+mls down the M1 for a piss up in a brewery where someone forgot to bring the glasses.

    What needs moving? what is/might be needed to move it? Where is it being moved to? Does it really have to be moved? Can we not just create some space in the workshop (garage?) simply by moving, packing & stacking?

    I've got access to a limited amount of lifting & shifting gear + a 1 ton pick up truck. A 2x burner gas stove & the worlds bestest tasting bacon rashers for bacon butties for up to 30 people (I've done this sort of thing before).

    So give us a clue will ya! Help us to help you, so to speak.

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    I'm with chas here, its a good trek down for me
    iv a long wheelbase sprinter but iv laid carpet added bed etc so I'm not for loading it with greasy machinery
    it will sleep 4 at a push but has only two legal seats so if I'm picking any folk up passenger three and four will be bending the law a tad
    that said I'm happy to come down on a sat morning get stuck in, sleep then get stuck in again sun
    it would be nice to have someone split the diesel with me

    you have some juggling to do Irving, I think Fivetide has a possible bagsy on one spot in my van and jazz may have a second... chas may be able to buy the last birth with all that bacon:) and he sound like he might make a half decent foreman

    so that is where I am up to... if you can make any use feel free

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    Ok when is this needed Irving and how many people do you think we'll need.?

    No point 20 turning up with 6 vans if it only needs 3 people and one Van.
    I have Long wheel base Van and Engine lifting hoist and more than willing to come down with both but what don't want to do is drive hundreds of miles in van if there's one all ready there.
    I'll gladly come in car for muscle power and pick folks up on way. Obviously makes more sense for the more local guys to help if possible but I'm available and willing.!!

  7. Thanks all for offers of help. i'm trying to sort out a local storage facility. the main thing to be moved is the md30 mill @ 300kg approx. Could be moved as is, or head and table removed and unbolted from stand and moved as 4 parts. Then there is the minilathe, 5 other lathes, one mounted with motor on workbench (needs unbolting or could be moved with bench with skates and enough grunt),the MaxNC10 mill, 4 bikes, the contents of 2 4-shelf storage units, air compressor, approx 5 plastic crates of tooling etc, bench grinder and a load of wood/contiboard. Apart from the big mill nothing is more than a one-man lift.

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    Chas & Jazz have got it about right, someone like Chas could communicate directly with Irving to find out exactly what needs to be done so things like access at both ends can be sorted. Then formulate a plan for the work to be done so it can be project managed to ensure everything gets done.
    Realise that there are a lot of people who want to help but don't forget this is just the beginning & there will be plenty more oppertunities for people to lend a hand. I can't lift anything heavy & have 2 cracked ribs just now anyway so as much use as a chocolate firegaurd for something like this but sure I will get a chance to help out with something latter on.

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    perhaps its worth looking at how many men are needed? (Im guessing two maybe three?...)
    How many vans are needed? im guessing one

    I live hour and a half from St albans, and have a old transit workhorse that we can drag machinery in and out of all day. Ive also got a double axle plant trailer.

    perhaps out of all the offers, work out a date and availability, then work out who's nearest and make use of the nearest offers? to avoid over manning the job and causing our northern brothers too many motorway miles?

    but on the opposit side of things... who am I to stop people coming? its just a suggestion. dont want to put anybody off.

    if im needed, im game.

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    [QUOTE=kingcreaky;42149if im needed, im game.[/QUOTE]

    Same here... but after reading the earlier responses I feel under-qualified, since I don't own a van or lifting equipment, nor would anyone describe me as a 'strong guy'. I can't drive down myself since being only 20 means the insurance would probably cost more than the car, so if I can get a lift that would be good...
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    Electric motorbike project here.

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