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    Weekdays are impossible for me to bring van so will have to be weekend if I'm involved with van.!!
    Can do Wed's if just for muscle required.!

  2. Glad to see Irving's getting plenty of help here :)

    I have to rule myself out for the moment because a crisis with my elderly mother is taking most of my time.

    Once sorted, I will be available to help dispose of surplus coffee and biscuits etc.;)


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    It's only because Irving lists all the decent stuff he has available for us to nick in his signature.

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    Lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 05-01-2016 Has been a member for 4-5 years. Has a total post count of 326. Received thanks 31 times, giving thanks to others 24 times.
    I thought this might be of interest to you Irving,

    SiriProxy on Raspberry Pi Home Automation Control - YouTube

    As you start to move back in to a domestic environment there are plenty of people on here with the tools/skills required to do a bit of electronics design/coding/soldering etc to help you with adaptions and I'm sure most people that posted on the arduino thread would find it much more rewarding putting together a couple of circuits that will help improve your quality of life instead of making VU meters or LED cubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chas View Post
    ...please don't feel the need to waste one on supervising a rag tag bunch of rogue's...
    Hey, who's calling me a waste of time!?!

    Irving, it's a bit of shocking news to come back and find, I'm very glad that you came through the initial accident alive and it's good to hear that things are progressing steadily for you.

    Just remember, when all else fails, ask yourself - WWTSD? What Would Tony Stark Do? If your answer doesn't involve giant robots and a goatee then you're not setting your goals high enough!

  6. went out for the whole day yesterday. first visited the accessible flat i'm going to be renting til house done. its in Islington. Its ok if a bit clinical, more hotel room than home. Then into the office to say hi to the guys and let my OT advise on changes, mainly auto-door openers on loo doors and a height adjustable desk. finally home for supper before coming back to RNOH about 11pm.

    Planning dept have advised that lift shaft would not be approved as it rises above the hipped roof even tho it wont be visible from the road and want the shaft more internal to the building which wastes huge amounts of floor space
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  7. Went for a driving assessment yesterday at QEF in Carshalton. Had a full physical assessment of arm mobility and an eye test. then went outside to try an adapted 'drive from wheelchair' Kia Sedora.

    Push-pull lever for accelerator/brake took a little getting used to, but after 10min had got the hang of it. initially tried an electronic mini-steering wheel which drives a motor geared to the steering column 2:1 but found that too much spinning and tiring (and at 20k stupidly expensive) so tried using the normal steering wheel with a tetragrip -a 3-pronged thing you put your hand/wrist into. that worked fine and i was driving round the test track easily. great confidence booster!

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    It's nice to hear how you're progressing Irving..... I can only imagine how much of a confidence booster it must have been. Here's hoping there are plenty of these positive moments into the future!

    Btw, for what it's worth I can only empathise with the issue you seem to be having with the planners.... I really think they have waaaaay too much say in our lives!

    Keep Well,

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    Irving, that test drive sounds fantastic. I am so pleased that you are beginning to find solutions to a problem that at one time seemed impossible. I have also noticed that you have resumed your helpline service on the forum. Keep it up. G.

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    wow i've obviously missed something here and will go back and do some reading... to think that you can drive when i think back to the first few posts you made is amazing. nice to see things looking up for you fella

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