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  1. So, some further news.

    At the planning committee meeting on Nov 20 as reported previously they voted to overturn the refusal - actually because of procedure, now its recommended for grant its open again to objections. So it had to be deferred till this months meeting on Dec 18 for vote for formal grant. Anyway, the Chairman opened the issue and reminded the committee what was previously agreed and without further ado asked for a show of hands; it was unanimously agreed . but then the planning officer piped up "we haven't discussed any conditions". At which point the legal officer said "You've voted, so you can't add conditions afterwards". So we have permission to build a generic side and rear extension, rear dormer and general external alterations with nothing to stop us as regard size, materials, etc., since there's no condition that says we have to conform to the approved drawings. Serves them right! Of course we won't be taking too much advantage of this...

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    Wel done Irving, about time too, but still a nice seasonal happening. G.

  3. Haha that's awesome! What a Christmas present. You should clad it in stainless!

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    That's great news. How long do you expect it to be until you've got everything built and ready?
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

  5. Meeting builder this pm to agree pricing (fixed) and timescales (with penalties for late completion) but looking at 7-8 months realistically :(

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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Eddy, Health and Safety gone mad again by the looks of it. Still the Parkour and Skateboarders might just make good use of it even if the disabled person living there doesn't.

    Hi Irving, I was sorry to read of your accident and hope your getting better each day. I had to go right to the start and read every post, so please keep us updated with your building / adaption work progress and most importantly your own wellbeing. I have a disability myself and know just how some days can get you down, but keep your pecker up and I just remember there's some great members on here willing to help.

    Wishing all the best. Mike
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    any update irving?

  9. I've been remiss about posting news...

    Well the house adaptations are ongoing - will be completed in October, so far so good. pretty much on time, but burnt most of the contingency already but still got some to play with. House is being pretty much gutted and rebuilt on 1st floor, and has no roof at all but the steelwork for that goes in next week.
    Won another small battle with Harrow highway's dept, who initially refused our second drop kerb on the grounds it took away too much grass verge and 'policy' is to retain grass verges. But they would allow us a new central drop kerb, which is of course wider. So we pointed out that the new central drop kerb actually reduced the amount of grass more than a second drop kerb adjoining the neighbours one. Eventually common sense dawned and they agreed it. I despair sometimes; just so much petty bureaucracy due to 'policy' that they never question the 'rote' answer.
    In the meantime we are renting a house in Mill Hill big enough so nothing had to go into storage.
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    Irving, good to hear things are going ok with the conversion. Having spent many years in the building trade I always advise people to at least double any contingency budget they have as you never know what hiding behind the plaster. Hopefully the weather will be good and the builders can get on with the works. Good to hear your LA has seen sense and done the right thing in the end.
    All the best. Mike

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