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    Irving I’m really sorry to hear about your accident, I wish you all the best for your recovery and thanks for all your help in the past, think positive even though sometimes it hard to find a positive thought, but they are always there if you look. Get well soon, and put that great mind of yours to use, working out ways to overcome the future challenges you face.

    Fiction is far more plausible when wrapped around a thread of truth

    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Irvine speedy recovery to you mucker. I was knocked of my motorbike on the 20th october at slow speed, but wrote my bike off. I,ve only suffered a muscle injury in my left shoulder. Yours is a serious one mate, but glad you are remaining positive. Speedy recovery. alex

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    Irving My heart felt sympathy's.!! . . .I write this with sadness and tears in my eyes.!! . . . . I know exactly the emotions and feelings of anxiety, fear and disbelief but yet relief your alive has I too broke my Back many many years ago wrecking a professional motoX career.
    Luckly I've recovered fully other than nasty back pain and was no were near your level of injury but I do have some very dear friends that have not been so lucky, infact one my best friends and Ex competitor is a paraplegic and I can tell you there isn't many weeks go by that he doesn't leave me dumb founded by what he does.! . . . And I still can't catch him in the Go-kart that he custom built from scratch.
    So PLEASE don't despair and sell the tools has you'll want them before you know it.!! . . . I don't care you live 300miles away you MUST ask when your ready and I will come and help make any mods or special requirement needed to allow this to happen.

    Take care friend.

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    We havent had a lot of contact. But, reading the post this morning my heart sank. I too a fellow biker.

    I wish you the best recovery prospects possible friend.

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    Irving, sorry to hear about your accident.

    There's not much to add that others havn't alreay said, just to keep thinking positive thoughts!

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    This is really tragic news, so sorry to hear about the accident. I've seen many of your post on the boards already, although I've only been here for a short time. I wish you a speedy recovery, hopefully you'll be able to turn your dreams and ideas into reality soon, regardless of what has happened. Stay positive and all the best.


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    So sorry to read this news. I hope you have a speedy recovery and wish you well for the future.

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    Irving, so so sorry to hear of your accident but glad that you're making plans already for the future. Hoping that your recovery is a speedy one and as full as possible. As many others have said on here when the time comes for your plans to be put into place let us know as I'll be more than happy to lend a hand doing whatever I can.

    All the best, Neil


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    Bloody hell mate that is harsh.

    If it helps, hold onto your tools, it may feel like the end of the world at the moment but you would be surprised at what cripples can actually achieve when they put their mind to it. I've spent three years of my life being unable to walk without using crutches. Sucks but you do adapt and find ways to do the things you enjoy, if the only way to grow some veggies is to crawl around the garden on your arse, you crawl around the garden on your arse and the veggies taste all the better for the extra work you have to put in.

    Things will get better, not the same as before but much, much better than you are feeling now.

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    Very sorry to hear about your accident Irving. Are you being treated at Stanmore? My friend was there for a good while after breaking his spine in a bike accident.

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