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    I'll come over to yours Mark I'm only up the road and chip in for the petrol, I have camping gear so I can pitch up on the lawn if need be. I can do a bit of brick laying and I'm not to bad with a spade :)
    splendid, thats a possible three in my bus so far... my camper is a long way from being finished but there is no reason for anyone to be kipping on a cold damp lawn!

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    Count me in as well, it will be a pleasure to help out someone who has put so much into this comunity.


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  4. Give me some lead time and I will be on a train down from Edinburgh. Just tell me which station some one is picking me up at. Former Carpentry/Masonry Engineer in the military and have helped build homes from the ground up. While the shop maybe a point at some time getting ramps and such up and running so that home is not a serious problems are also things that will be needing done. If some one from this area is heading down any of my tools that can be useful will be available for use.


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    Just caught up on the forum and I will gladly help out with labour at the least (I have other skills dependant on the tasks required).

    Its the least I can do after all the helpful advice Irving has given me on my build. Let me know date(s) in advance so I can clear my diary/work schedule.

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    dont quite know what i can do from where i am, and with having twins it makes it hard to travel, but anything i can do to help please gis a shout

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  10. All, I am deeply touched by your generosity. It will be several weeks, possibly months, before I'm out of hospital and into a rehab unit and many more months before i go home. no idea yet what changes to the house will be needed, poss a loft conversion and lift, or how to finance that. i'd like to think my workshop/gym could be completed but thats got to be a year away at least. But if and when the time comes.... thanks.

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    Maybe you can setup a PayPal account for donations to the cause? Can't do much more from across the pond.
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    ...and re Ger21 suggestion, I think we have something in place now... PM if you'd like to help in that way too.


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    Date; Sunday 10th March
    Location: Stanmore, Middx
    Tasking: sort, catalog, preserve and move a garage full of items to a different location nearby.

    After talking with Irving's family, they need some help to empty Irving's garage workshop in preparation for modifications to the house ready for when Irving comes back home. There's plenty of light lifting and 3 heavy items (3 man lift, although these were installed without the need for specialist lifting gear).

    PM me if you can help with this, more info to follow.


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