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  1. The Router got here a few dyas ago and getting the last few bits together to finish the assembly of it. Hopefully will be doing some simple tests this weekend and more advanced stuff next week and maybe cutting a test comb for a harmonica later in the week (That would be really sweet but depends on making sure the are not any major or significant minor bugs in the system).

    I have three maybe four prototypes to cut out and set up picks for the website as well as some real work I should be able to start doing. Life is getting very interesting and the shop is coming together as well. Very tight but alot of fun. (will post pics of how tight the shop is right now and it is not near done yet).


  2. What router did you get?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    What router did you get?

    I got the MDL-2-TR-UN model and that is why I am looking to extend the Z depth ability as it is not quiet the depth I need but everything else so far looks good. I have attached a set of NEMA 23's from and using their breakout board with 6 1.5 ohm in line resistors (one per power line) as it came with three and joining the ground lines together (have seperated them as there is hook ups to do so).

    Running BobCAD-CAM and Mach 3 (FULL). Learning is very steep in some parts and easy as pie in others. Right now looking for collets for the Kress 1050 other than Kress or Kevin and prefering ones with a tight TIR also looking at a few different milling cutter sets for wood and non ferrous metals. Any suggestions will be appreciated. RDG Tools is looking mighty nice right now for milling bits.


  4. Can recommend RDGTools, Chris (he and his Dad run the place) has always been very helpful...

  5. It moves and is assembled but not completely smooth yet and life moves on (hopefully in a positive direction).


  6. For those that know the different test runs in Mthe is great news on the build front. We have road runner (love the resizing tool in LazyCAM). Working with soft limits at the moment and putting in the second 2NC so that the board will get the feed back from the Estop but other than that things are moving ion a very positive direction and should have pic's/video up soon. Cutting will starting very shortly. Now comes making sure it all runs smoothly.


  7. GO Michael, GO Michael, GOOOOO Michael ! Looking forward to seeing it cutting dude !

  8. More fine tuning and hope to have video up soon have the boards mounted to the side of the gantry at the moment and looking at where to put the BOB. It is looking more and more like a proper Router mill as the days go on and on a different note got the bandsaw to cur 22.5 degree cut on the first set up with the bandsaw so set for cutting the frames out for the Octogon Anglo's and life is very positive.


  9. Well, One power supply bit the dust for reasons unknown but cutting is moving along and will have some video shortly ( had some and it got corrupted before I could down load it). V23 makes some very nice G-code. You need to set things up tight to begin with but it really helps cut down test cutting alot.


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    If your looking for Kress collets the cheapest place I have found is:

    About half as cheap as anywhere else I have found.

    Look forward to seeing this thing in action... YouTube!


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