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    Dwangs will be be applied to the back wall only, as thats the wall with osb on it. the right hand side wont need them due to the slabs i,m fitting. I needed to get this up and water tight, before everything was ruined. Thank you for your comments, always hear to listen. I must say that im chuffed to bits the way its going. Just need my dad to help finish it off, lol.

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    And then there was aroof

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    day off rest today, lol.

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    Progressing well now Alex, but I would personally have put more windows in it to let more natural light in, looks like you are only going to have the one window which will seriously limit the amount of natural light getting in. Biggest problem with my unit is the lack of windows meaning I have to have the lights on all the time. It's an extra expense but more importantly for a lot of what I do it is easier to see by natural light.

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    Martin, that's a green house your on about lol. You'll be surprised at how much light is getting in with just that one window. I'm hoping we will have some sort of decent weather, where I can have the door open when working, but don't mind having to put the lights on when required. I was contemplating putting 2 sky lights in at a later date to allow heat/light in. But I'm concentrating on getting the bulk up and running first. As I say I'm always willing to listen and learn. After all, this the work of a diyer lol

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    20 years in submarines Alex so I know you can work without natural light lol, I just find that a lot of what I do is better under natural light & although you may get light in there will be a lot of dark areas, I know from the unit I have. Like you say get it up & start working & then make what improvements you need as an when you need them. How you have things planned for the inside will also make a difference, wouldn't count on leaving the door open very often where we live lol.

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    Lol your not wrong. I'm looking at having a privacy gate put up so even when I'm opening and closing the door, no one can see in. I have one up at the moment but not the way I want it. My wife now wants the summer house built, and the garden sorted so that she can do her childminding out the back in good weather. No rest for the wicked eh.

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    Starting to look really good now Alex, well done. Ican see that you will have that machine built in no time. G

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    Thank you Geoffrey, can't wait.

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    love it. very jelous....

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    Thank you very much, can't wait to finish it lol body all sore and exhausted, but well worth it.

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