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    Am I right in thinking that If I get a high powered driver e.g. CW8060. That this will be compatible with all stepper motors that are rated less than 80V and 6A? I've found what looks like a bargain on 3 of these drivers. My concern is that if I start off with some smaller motors that there will possibly be a mismatch. I'm hoping that these will serve me well on my 1st build and from the lessons learnt be able to upgrade them in the future onto a bigger machine if all goes well.

    I'm planning on using 425oz Nema 23's on my first build.

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    The driver will run any motor up to its ratings, so long as it's not something cheap like the TB6560 which is generally over-rated. However that does not mean it's the best driver to run a 6 Amp motor, since a motor which requires that high current will be Nema 34 which benefit from a higher voltage supply. For the 3Nm motors you mention they are fine if you get them for a good price - maybe 100 for the 3.
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    Thanks Jonathan. I'm currently haggling with the manufacturer in China trying to get the price down as best I can. Shipping costs seem to be the killer though as that bring it back up to just under the price you can get closer to home. Makes you wonder if it's worth the hassle and the wait to be honest. Still being Northern every penny counts.

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    Cheers. The CW8060's were from a manufacturer on alibaba. I was trying to haggle but it was coming down to a matter of a few dollars. Couldn't be bothered with the hassle anymore so I've just ordered the ones from Wantai which you linked to in previous post which seem to have that extra bit of oomph should/when I need it. :)

    any recommendations on an appropriate power supply?

    Edit: Ah just seen this thread.. http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/genera...ns-please.html :)
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