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    Hi everybody, I am Geoff from Morton,Bourne, Lincolnshire. I am absolutely smitten by cnc machines and am very pleased to have discovered this site. I have been a member of CNCZONE for some time, but am pleased to have found a site closer to home!!! I have been dabbling with cnc for several years now as I enjoy being able to design something and then go into the garage and make it. I have a small, but very solid (weighs 500+kg) machine converted from a printed circuit board drill router. The main disadvantages are small axis travels (540x440) and only 30mm Z including tool length, and lack of a good clamping system. I use home made clamps to the front of the machine and press down on the material to hold it close to the bed (not a good idea, but it does keep me on my toes). I am currently making a very flat (26mm) vacuum table to replace the existing aluminium/mdf (27mm) table, so I hope this will help. I also bought (ebay) a non-working PACER CADET router, only to discover on collection that it is an early model built of mdf!!! The repair and conversion of this will be a tale for another day.
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    Hi Geoff...welcome to the forum :)


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    hi Geoff , you have found a good home lol :)

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