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    Hi All and a very merry christmas to you.
    Well I'm glad to say, progress has been made.
    My pet joiner Chris came round the other day to assist starting the mamoth task of blitzing the shite out of the Garage, I wanted to use grenades, but he talked me out of it, lest it upset the neighbours. This is what we started with.
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Name:	The mess.png 
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    One day, This chaotic shambles will be a useable workspace and the pinacle of day.
    Anyway having looked on in horror we got our priorities sorted.

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    We had several priorites throught out the day.

    so we started and went and made a clean spot, well sort of clean, so we could extract the old windows which have seen better days.
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    Next , Window Gone! , did I tell you its bloody cold outside.
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    Now that the windows where out , it came to fitting the new ones, I measured these up, and I ordered them off a nice bloke who knew a bloke... so fingers crossed I did it right.
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    By the way thats Chris , Aka woodentop, checking the sills and my measuring where right?
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    The new frames ready to go in.
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Name:	window frames.png 
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    I'd have taken more photo's but I kept loosing the camera in amongst all the shite. that and the light went, so I've not had time to take any more pics of the installed windows yet, but we did learn a few things , like, you never can have too many priority breaks.

    More pics soon.
    VBW's Rik.

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    Do you have windows in your boundary wall overlooking your neighbour's drive?

    Would have thought it was more than a tad tricky to get planning permission for that, but pleased that it's possible.

    Not that I have any problem with the idea mind you.... I'm fond of the fewer rules the better!

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    @Andy They have been there since the house was built( 1960's) as far as I know. Both have/had frosted obscured glass. and I'll be adding additional window film.

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