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    thank you for enterin in my post

    I'm a CNC Miller with more than 5 yearsof experience with Heidehain System and I know just a bit also FanucSystem but I've never done off-line programming

    I'm looking for a good CNC HeidenhainCAD/CAM course on-line, but it shouldn't be very expencive, and itshould provide also a software about it

    Unfortunatelly I've just lost my jobfor redundancy so if I can get a reduction for unmployed people willbe still better however if it costs 100 even without facilitationwill be fine for me as long it is a good course

    any information about it will be veryappreciative

    thank you in adavnce for your help

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    Haven't done it myself but mastercam does online training.

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    AutoCad Lynda learning. Costs about 20 a month all good video tutorials. You can do the full course on the AutoCad 30 day trial.

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    Thank you very much Oscar, yes Mastercam looks one of the most famous on-line cam course, however I need to know more about it, so please if you know someone who can help me, just forward this post to him

    Thank you very much in advance for your help

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    Thank you Fivetide for your reply

    however I need a CAD/CAM course not and not an AutoCad couse, so please if you know someone who can help me, just forward this post to him

    Thank you very much in advance for your help

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    If some-one knows some good free CAD/CAM software please send me the link to download it
    thank you

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    I don't know of any free cad/cam packages. But you can download Rhino cad for free, it has a limited number of saves, but the tutorial is pretty good.
    For the cam side you can download a free version of NCGcam. This is a great bit of software. You can't post process with the free version but the tutorial is good. You can import and export iges files between the two programmes.

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    Thank you very much again Oscar

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