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    Hi there

    I am new to CNC machining as in... I still have not made my mind up about the chinese 3040 / or 6040. I do design and prototyping with CAD and a 3d printer (bfb3000). So I am stepping up to a CNC machine for making molds from epoxy board. That is pretty much it.

    Any help would be appreciated

    See u all you l8rs

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Thanks martin looks like a great place for CNC makers and designers.

    If you know of anyone with experience building their own CNC machine please point me in the right direction. I have 1300 quid to spend and so far have seen thousands of videos on DIY machines. Seems many have different hardware/ software setups. The only thing I think is missing is how reliable these machines are :0)

    Anyway see you around!

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    yep, have a dig through the build logs and a read of some of the threads and you'll soon get infected with the CNC virus! :-)

    Most of the people on here have built or are building or are planning to build one or in several cases more than one! :-)

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    Be careful what you watch when it comes to DIY machines, some are built purely on the cheapest budget that is humanly possible so although they may do a job you could be sacrificing elements you desire like accuracy to save money. Sounds like you have a reasonable budget for the size machine your looking at. I replied to your questions about building & links on the other thread you started, probably best to keep this one just for saying hello.


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