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    I'm repairing/upgrading a gadget, and the spare part choices are limited; therefore, the problem can't be solved by selecting other parts. So, I have a 6mm shaft and a 1/4" hole (6.35mm) in the pulley. There are two scrub screws, but I don't want the wobble. How would you do a snug fit?



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    Suggest you shop harder. If the 6mm or unbored pulley costs a few more quid it is worth it to save the aggravation.

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    There isn't a "nice" way to fit a 6mm shaft snugly into a 1/4" hole other than shimming or boring the 1/4" hole bigger and making some insert collars.

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    Like everyone says there probably isn't a good way of doing it, but if you want to do it a cheap way, get a coke can and chop out a small piece (you can use normal scissors) and plug the gap by making a collar.


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