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    I am hoping to buy my first cnc machine, i hope to engrave 3d on wood. I am well aware of the many varied opinions on chinese machines ?
    Has anyone on this forum, bought the above model machine,from this company. They are called, jinan, gongming,machine equipment. I would like to know peoples views on this machine,if they have bought it, what were they like to do bussiness with ? Would it be a good machine to start of with / maybe make a change here or there, and its the bees knees,as they say in belfast. Like many people today, i am working to a very tight budget. And would like to get as many opinions as possible to guide me along the road .if this machine is not worth going for , what other machine ,would people recommened from china, i have about 1500-1750, to get me a machine,with work foot
    print of about 600x400mm. I am open to all suggestions , and good advise.

    Yours kindly paul

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    Press the Return key more often.

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