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    I would like to keep the option open to build my own first machine. I have a budget of about 1500-1700, I would like a machine for 3d wood engravings, I would like to spend money on good parts and build over a period of time, I am in no rush, I just want to get it right.
    I would like a work area of about 600x400mm, I have been reading a lot of stuff on various forums, as they say, sometimes there is too much. I would love it, if someone, could direct me onto a good machine plan for my needs, along with all the links, where I can buy each particular part, links of videos, showing machine being built etc. I just want to get it right, and build a machine with the best of parts, that is rock solid, accurate, and a wee work horse.

    Yours kindly,
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    next time can you not post in caps please :D

    your budget should easily get you the machine you require.

    what kind of tools do you have to build the machine? do you have a mig welder? tap tools, pillar drill chop saw? all these things are the first things that spring to mind.

    i'm building a machine a little smaller than yours 400 x 480mm and my cost is easily coming under 1k and thats with a 2.2kw water cooled spindle, 16mm ballscrews and rails all built in steel and all the electrics included. obviously there are some places i have cut costs, so with your budget you could easily build the machine you require and as strong and reliable as you require.

    best thing to do is work out a list of tools you have to build this, your skills in metal working and possibly have a look at some of the work logs on here and start to come up with a rough design in google sketchup, there is a really good thread on here with hints and tips on using sketchup including some videos.

    just be prepared to go through a couple of redesigns and come back here for advice between each one to make sure your on the right track

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    sorry about the caps on. i have a pillar drill, chop saw, what tap tools do you recommened i buy ? also what size of a mig welder, ill have to pratice welding. ill go through the forum bit by bit and try and get an idea of a plan, allowing for to change it many times over. i would like to get an item list of products that i need, what of size of motors,spindle,i need , fixtures and fittings etc.. ill try and sketch an idea of what i want. and post it . so it will be up for a good scrutiny .


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