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    Sorry to be a pain but can you give some top down shots of the spare assembly with Z axis close to in place has possible.

    Also of the Z axis like pic 1538 in post #11 but tuther way round.!

    Don't think this would be a major job to mount in traditional way but without clear pics of clearances etc then it's difficult to tell.
    Thou less than the ideal I'm sure with the width of the Y axis carriage that some form of offset screw could be adapted if needed and eliminate any ugly screw sticking out the bottom and risk of damage to screw.

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    Jazz, I've read most of your threads, and don't understand how anyone could think you a pain!!!

    Seriously tho' I think that the ballnut at the bottom is the best solution, with or without a second bearing.

    The top of the Z slide is only 39mm wide (I thought it was wider) with the 24mm hole just 3mmin from the back. The bottom is about 60mm Behind the spindle).

    The back of the Z slide fits back (minimum clearance) tight to the X axis carriage.

    The 1605 ballnut is 28mm dia so I can offset the leadscrew in the 24mm hole and bore out the bottom of the slide to accomodate the offset and ballnut.

    I was worried about the ballnut beig exposed to dust etc.,but the leadscrew will only be exposed when the slide is near the top of its travel.

    I will try to assemble the spare Z slide tomorrow and post some pics. Your comments are much appreciated as my original idea w0uld have meant using a

    smaller, more expensive ballscrew.

    Thanks again, G.

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