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    Quote Originally Posted by Musht View Post

    Catch for machining is its STL and DXF export can be poor, in the end sprung for Viacad 2D/3D, as reccomended here, it has the push/pull tool and decent DXF export.
    Agreed, I found DXF export appalling, especially when doing round-to-side-view exports for dimensioning. There's other annoying things like clipping of faces, disappearing faces and printing issues, but you have to remember it's free (well the free version is free). Sure Solidworks is better, but you pay monies for it to be that good. Still I'd recommend moving away from Sketchup if you're planning to use it a lot and for complicated models.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Musht View Post
    in the end sprung for Viacad 2D/3D, as reccomended here, it has the push/pull tool and decent DXF export.
    I looked at Viacad this morning and critical dimensions look like an afterthought bolted on to an arty concept.

    I use Alibre because they had a special offer, $999 software for $99. It can drive me bonkers when I get it wrong but the concept is good. I don't think it is worth $999 so I cannot recommend it.

    You rough draw 2D outlines that define the shape. You can create as many planes to draw 2D pictures on as you like.

    You add constraints to your 2D drawings and then add dimension arrows. As you dimension you pull the rough drawing in to an exact shape.

    Then you extrude, loft, cut etc 2D drawings in to a 3D shape.

    Every 2D drawing, plane, extrusion etc. adds another entry to the list on screen left. At anytime you can right button any entry on that list and select edit. Change any item and you change everything below it on the list that references back to it. If your constraints make the change impossible it stops at the awkward item so you can figure out how you are blocking it.

    If a program doesn't have that list of drawings and commands that go into building your final shape, you have to wonder if it remembers the shape of where you are now rather than how to build it. Once you lose the information on how to build it, you lose the references that tie it together. I count that as the difference between CAD and making pretties.

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    Have you tested their filaments? Printing with ABS filament is fairly straight forward; although compared with PLA, a heated print platform is required. Remember that the first layer is bonding with the print platform. If the print is not firmly attached to the platform, the print will fail. Anyways, I got 12 spools of ABS filament in a Saver Pack deals at for only €299,95. So far, I never had any issues with melting point.

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    So how’s it building your first 3D printer ? My brother also owns an Afinia-3D-printer; he assembled the machine so easily. Anyways, have you also tried your first print? I remember when we first tried it out, we used filament like this and the Eiffel tower as the model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterGrant View Post
    Anyways, have you also tried your first print?
    According to the books I have printed and sold 1137 items at £3.95 each incl. The printer required one new nozzle assembly and now has an annoying habit of stepping all 4 motors when it is supposed to be idle. I can work around that but without new toy enthusiasm I doubt I will chase the fault.

    Plastic choice in ABS seems to be between pukka CIBA and cheap Chinese, quite honestly the cheap Chinese seems to stick to itself better, choice probably depends on how long the plastic has to cool down before it is revisited by the nozzle.

    Lifting at the corners when you print a large flat base is a right royal pain in the bum, I never got anywhere trying to fix that one, nothing I tried worked. Once it starts to lift you can never develop a criss cross pattern, it just lifts in to the nozzle smears to a solid fill and gets worse.

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