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    Hi all,

    First of all, I'm new to this site, and I'm a new owner of a cnc machine.
    I own a small electronic company, so earlier this year I bought a China cnc machine from JCut.
    It is a 3030 model: Mini CNC router,CNC router, china Mini CNC router,Desktop CNC router-JCUT

    I'm bought it to make prototype pcb's and small production series of pcbs. And It works good for this.
    But sometimes a need to mill things in plastic, nylon etc. Things like brackets or mountings.

    For now I have been using my PCB layout software to make the design og for an example a bracket. But the software is really not very usefull for this. for instance the PCB software lacks control over the z-axis.

    So my questions is, is there a cheap or free software for designing the things I need. I possible I would prefer an easy No-nonsense-program.

    The machine is controlled by NCstudio, I'm not sure how compatible that software is...

    By the way, I contacted the supplier JCut and asked for software to design other things than pcb's and the provided me with ArtCam. ArtCam looks really good and advanced. But to be honest I really don't know hos og where to begin using ArtCam.

    Hope to get some advice from all you experienced CNC users:)

    Kind Regards

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    If the supplier has given you software for design then you might just as well use it, after all if you were to find either free or low cost software you would still have to learn how to use it. Artcam has a fair bit of support from what I have read on their website so maybe best to contact them about tutorials.

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    Guessing verson of Artcam supplied may not be 100% manufacturer, Delcam , approved as full version is well over thousand pounds...

    Artcam is very much a 3D program , great for cutting reliefs and signs , not ideal for cutting things like brackets.

    Cambam has a free old version and a free trial of the most recent version,it handles 2D and 2.5D better than a 3D program.


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