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    I am a CNC Miller and I lost my jobabout 3 years ago, then I left for England and I've been here forabout 2 years

    I'd like to find a job in a similarrole

    I need please a help to remember allthe steps for a setting on a CNC Bridgeport 3 axses with heidenhainsystem TNC 370 or 410

    1. select on the controll pannel the program and read on it if we need to put a special jig on or if we need particular tool to clamp our raw piece
    2. clamp our jig or vice on the table and clock if necessary
    3. Set the datem of X, Y, Z, (once I touched with handweal a stop on the jig What do i need to type on the screen?) I remember: Manual > Zero > Enter. Is it correct?
    4. see on the program all the tolls we need, mount all the tools in their weldons or tapingheads, measure the tools
    5. put the tools in the spindle and type on the tool table the length and the radius
    6. in editing mode change the number of the tool in the program (if necessary) according to the position in the carosel
    7. put the tool in the carosel and empty the spindle, (on MDI mode > tool call > toll number of the next free pocket in the carosell)
    8. go on in this way for all the tools
    9. clamp the first raw piece in the vice
    10. single block > press start for every block > check the position of the first tool (check datem and length of the tool)
    11. full sequnce > run first tool
    12. do the same operation for all the tools
    13. when finished take out first off, do a full quality check and if it is fine start the production

    May you please tell where I coulddowload a free manual for TNC 370 or 410?

    any suggestion about better technicalterms will be very appreciative

    Any suggetion according to how to do agood settings will be very appreciative

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    I've already dowloaded a manual TNC 410 which is very good

    But I need more help please!!!!!

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    Not sure if this will help but the g-code should be the same on the bridgeport.


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    Sorry D.C. but Heidenhain System has no G code ....

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    Oooops, sorry about that.

    They seem to have some free elearning stuff on their site, is that any good to you for brushing up?


    These guys also have some simulation software for use on a PC
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    Thank you very much D.C your links are very interesting

    I was wandering if I could get a software like that Demo Software on your suggested website where you can really use it on your PC in which you can make programms, the same as a normal CNC Machine on the shop floor
    I didn't know even that existed such a software like that Demo Software now I know and I want a proper software even if I have to pay for that, where could I get it? If I am able to get it I have all I need to refresh my memory... Thank you very much indeed again

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    D.C. this link http://content.heidenhain.de/present.../EN/index.html is very very goog Thank you very much indeed

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