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    I may even go with the USB-CNC software+hardware instead of Mach3+ESS+Bob if I've understood things correctly.
    Just be careful with the naming/packages ....the program I was speaking of earlier is called CNC-USB, rather confusingly I believe there's also a product out there called USB-CNC...I know zilch about it.

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    For people that have an open source fetish or are broke and don't want to pay for software there is a good tutorial here for an all free workflow. It's worth pointing out that most of this software will also work just fine on windows (gimp, inkscape, pycam) I'm not 100% sure but I don't think EMC2 will work on windows at all.

    Open Source CNC Toolpathing Workflow

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    The only drawing program I have ever used was the free version of SKETCHUP some time ago and I could easily use that to design my machine.

    Or I could use the design exercise as an opportunity to get accustomed with more of a proper CAD program that could also be used to design parts for the machining workflow after the build.

    Based on what I have learnt on this forum, I am currently favouring VIACAD 2D 3D V8 which at less than $100 USD looks like decent value-for-money for me as a hobbyist with very limited budget, so I have just downloaded the 14-day free trial.

    Does anybody on the forum have good or bad views of VIACAD 2D 3D V8 please ?

    Thanks, Andy
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    Just a quick heads-up for anyone that uses Sketchucam, a new version was released last month which has quite a few updates and new features. It looks like you need to register to download it now, but it is a 'free' solution for simple gcode generation from within Sketchup.

    There is also another plugin for Sketchup in development at the moment for use with 3,4 and 6 axis machines which is getting close to completion : Sketchup Plugins for use in Aircraft Design | FoamCasualty


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