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    Hello all,
    Looking to have these made... I wanted to make them myself but because of my job and it being far to friggin' cold up here in my tin can shed. I'd like to have these and a few other bits made up so that I can have mark 2 of my router up and running for when its a bit warmer.

    IGES file attached... nothing too difficult. To be milled out of 6080 alu, 8mm thick. A bit of profiling and pocketing and a spot of drilling. Some edges to be chamfered. Would need two of these, but only one has the pocket and holes in the centre. Overall 114 x 200 x 8mm.

    Needless to say the more accurate the better... so it would be nice to have them made on a reasonably sized machine rather than a router made of cheese :P

    Thanks everyone.Click image for larger version. 

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    Could you please tell me the quantity you want? Thanks

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