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    Peter, what software did you use on the image in the end to get the tool paths, also what cutters do you use for working with stone?


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    Hi pete can you tell me what stone you used and what cutters you used.
    Thanks for any info you can give

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    Hi Lee
    I used Corel Draw first then ran it through V carve pro to generate the toolpath , With the stone I use Diamond encrusted tooling ( DK HOLDINGS LTD )
    Used a 6mm endmill for roughing and then a 3mm ball nose for final finish all on a Feedrate of 50 and a Plunge rate of 2.0 and that worked for the Slate / Granite / Sandstone / and Marble. It can be a bit messy though
    Hope this helps Bud

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    Hi Bud
    I use all sorts of stone Granite/Marble/Sandstone/Slate/Ceramic Tiles , But be prepared for some breakages though as I have a box of them.
    I use a company called D K Holdings as they carry a good range of tooling but not the cheapest but the best I have found for getting it to you quick.
    Anyone want any info just drop me a post.

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    If anyone is thinking of having a go at doing some stone this is how I do mine.

    I made a wooden tray up the size of the work area of my cnc and I made the sides 50mm high then sealed the tray with an epoxy resin in all corners and screw the tray to the bed
    Then I put the stone/marble/slate/ect in the tray and fill it with water being sure to fix the sides of the stone with buffers to stop any movement and away to go......Keep your tooling covered with water all the time though as they last longer and after every job in stone I changed the water as it gets to murky to see how it is going.
    My Next CNC will have a water recycling setup.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for that Pete great job.

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