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    Just discovered this rather nice FREE software: QElectroTech: Welcome, presentation

    It's still Beta, but is available in the Linux repositories. Also works on Windows according to the developer.

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  3. Have you tried DesignSpark from Radio Spares?

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    Tried Fritzing?

    Designed and named to fit in with wiring and processing, lots of goodies for noobies like me.

    Welcome - Fritzing

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    A good one, (and free) for schematics and wiring diagrams in fact any type of diagramatic is "yEd" works with Win, LIN, droid and MAC.

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    Thanks for the links. I found a few drawing packages that are good at electronics (like those above) but struggled to find anything suitable for drawing machine controls such as isolators, e-stops, contactors, coils, relays, push buttons, etc. There's always the option to use QCAD or LibreCAD and draw your own symbols, but the style of QElectroTech is more like the drawings I use daily at work. A forum search found zero posts, so thought others might benefit from this software, too.

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