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    it feels like there is hardly any posts per page now i think it's at 10 and i'm pretty sure it used to be 20, kind of a pain in the ass if anyone gets a good conversation going sometimes other bits are missed quite easily this way

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    infact just checking.. there are 7 posts per page.. thats just stupid.. is it just my computer thats doing this or is it a forum change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    infact just checking.. there are 7 posts per page.. thats just stupid.. is it just my computer thats doing this or is it a forum change?
    Yup 7 is what I see too.. Rick
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    Yea sorry about that it is set to 7, i was working on somthing and having a little change around to the page layout. The thread i was using to view the changes was a really long one or the post's on it were, it was set to 7 for a long time and then to 10.

    Its back to 10 now anyway, i've also removed some of the "info" stuff at the bottom of the page to "declutter" the page a little and see if it could shave a few mili'seconds off page load times. I dont think there will be any updates to the forum software that will introduce template edits/changes as they are pushing vb5 now, this means i can now safely do style/design edits without the worry that future updates will overwrite my changes.

    I've also condensed the two larger banner ad spots into one at the top of the page as well, i know some of you found them annoying and abit intrusive. I've been really busy leading upto xmas so anytime i have had "to myself" i've been hasing up the Chat App, its coming along nicely so far and im hoping to have somthing to show soon.

    O well back to me coding, cheers guys...


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    obviously i have no idea about server loads and pages loads ect but personally i'd prefer 20 comments to load at a time, nothing more annoying imo then clicking next all the time. as i said though i have no idea what difference this makes to the site.. and have no idea if its just me or if other people prefer the same? maybe an idea for a poll?

    thanks for putting it back to 10 though :D

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