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    ok that's sorted then...

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    I concur captain. .

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    Jonathan such a splendid fellow for volunteering like that
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Sorry had a long hard think about this and it won't work has some are expecting.

    If I can help in some small ways then I will but I'm not prepared to take a lead has to me it's an hiding to nothing and will end up with just a small few doing all the work and others just leeching, while others will just stab and poke for the sake of it.

    So I'm declaring my self out.!!

    Good luck.
    Leeching what though, what happened to "power to the people" and this being the peoples forum. Not everyone is going to be able to contribute in that way but they will be able to benefit from the end product, i thought that was the whole idea of a community project - for the people. We cant expect everyone to have somthing to give, we can expect them to need to take though?

    Isnt stabbing and poking generally what happens anyway and when/once any good things from it get exhausted they get passed by or over looked for the greater good?

    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    I'm with Jazz for reasons I mentioned before in post #70

    Like Jazz I do a lot of work behind the scenes, that won't change but working 1:1 you get to know who's dedicated and who's wanting a free ride.
    A free ride of/on what though, see above...

    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Right I vote Jonathon takes the reigns for the following reasons.

    [1] He knows it all.

    [2] He's under employed so has loads of time.

    [3] He knows all the cheap deals and will share them at the same price he pays.

    [4] Prepared to work for nothing.
    Dont know if Jonathon could or would be willing to take it on, he's definitely not under employed and from what i can understand is chasing the clock at times due to furthering his education and living away while he dose that. Cheap deals is a good point though and would suite the project as its about getting somthing done not making money. Humm number 4, other than the first prototype parts and so on i didnt think this was going to be somthing that would be sold? Surly the project manager would assign jobs evenly to make it fair and fun for all involved?


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    Hi all, and happy new year. Have just returned from Devon and have been catching up on some posts. Waiting to hear if Johnathon will pick up the gauntlet (it's not meant to be a poison chalice Johnathon). Good luck J if you do decide to run with it!!! G.

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    Mycncuk project sounds a fine idea. With regards to the of details of a plan and its consequences i.e. not willing to spoon feed and spec might not be suitable for the application. I think the reason why you want a ready design is that the reason for a DIY CNC router/mill is the cost and experimentation with design adds cost. I’m not sure about the worker/freeloader paradigm. As the worker did you generate all the knowledge you use? Are we not all in receipt of the ‘wealth of ages’ from our dead ancestors that we did not earn, pay for or deserve but merely inherited? (sorry for the pomposity).

    Design wise I get the impression you either need several categories of machine or perhaps one design that is very scalable. Presumably the design approach is to define your requirements first then define a specification and from that sketch a few designs. Presumably if site users are prepared to define all possible requirements, perhaps from that there are sub groupings. I would like to know myself what the minimum spec for various types of tasks are e.g. what strength of frame/gantry, stepper torque and spindle power/rpm are required for say aluminium sheet cutting (can general rules of thumb be used to simplify the process). My guess at user requirements plus my own are:
    Functions:3D recessed shapes, engraving, cutting sheets, etc.
    Materials: Copper clad board, aluminium alloy(series? 1000, etc, tempering?), brass, copper, wood(hard wood, software, composite MDF/ply, carbon and glass composites, plastics (acrylic, etc), etc.

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    Nugget i think you need to read the whole thread.....Welcome by the way.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swarfing View Post
    Nugget i think you need to read the whole thread.....Welcome by the way.
    I agree. I would also like to say that the idea was to design a "starter" machine that would encourage "would be cncer's" to take
    their first steps into the wonderful world of cnc. G.

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    I think the purpose of a starter machine is to:
    1) provide a machine which is known to be fully compatible and working.
    2) be cost effective
    3) require minimal skill level

    Suppliers, materials and software need to be specified to guarantee compatibility.
    The machine should not be over-specced and all parts should be fully utilised.
    Precision parts should be bought off the shelf with the only fabrication requiring basic hand tools where possible.

    Like so many people state on here - you need to specify exactly what your goals are before you can hone in on the solution.

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    I don't think it matters what your goals are, there will always be too many of them for a group project.

    The thread is 6 months old now and so far has got nowhere and sorry to say this but it never will.

    Only way a machine will get built is if one person decides to build what 'he' thinks is right and offers it for sale.
    Then all the cheap arsed vultures will gather and pull holes in it and reckon it's too expensive and you could do it cheaper.

    However missing the point that they are still weld to the fence, not sat on it.
    John S -

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