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    Maybe you could set up a section where people could advertise kits of parts? I'm sure some forum members would be willing to make these? this would help these not so fortunate to have the kit t do the necessary. This way the site would be catering for all types of builders????
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by martin54 View Post
    I still don't think it's something that's needed & can't see why some people seem so obsessed with it. Seen things like this destroy good forums before because of the bickering it causes & you don't want to go losing any of your most experienced members. Don't think it will do a lot to grow the forum either, people will just download the plans & get on with building themselves a machine, no need to ask any questions or think about the best design because you already have it.
    I acknowledge what your saying Martin but dont think it would lead to the forum losing its momentum, i think if anything it could raise the standards of what's being discussed.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    lee what you say is true. I would have to say that if anybody looking at the plans has real issue, then they obviously know better and should just do their own thing anyway? In general people want to make sure they are doing things right so the forum will always be here to help. Like the MM forum maybe a numbeing syem for all that are complete would work well :-)..........Lee get the official stickers out with a MYCNCUK logo at hand??????
    I actually think that there is more to this than is first realised, there is allot of things I can do/plan to do that overall is really going push this to the next level. Let me explain, I/we obviously see time and time again people asking the same questions, I take my hat off to people like Jazz and Jonathan for showing such stamina when it comes to replying to more or less same questions all the time. I also know how boring and frustrating it is for them to keep doing this.

    Some of you know what I’m about to say already...The plan is to have Articles, Reviews, Tutorials and so on, as these areas of the site start to get populated allot of what will be in each section will be perfect for people coming in as newbie’s. We are going to have a series called “The Basics”, these articles will give people the information they need and a springboard to get them going in the right direction. There is a lot more to all that and other ideas and so on but what it leads me to say is that:

    I think allot of “how we move this cnc thing and this forum forward” is relying on me to deliver on what I keep talking about, SOOOO many things will become better for everyone once things really start to take shape with what I’ve got in mind. I’m stressed with it because I know how desperately some of these things are needed to just “make things better/easier” for everyone, the problem I’ve got is its all down to me, believe me I am trying. I’m just really busy and in a difficult position in my personal life to spend the kind of time I need to work on the many projects and ideas I’ve got, but it’s ok because it’s a marathon for me not a sprint, allot of my “vision” for things to come is still young, this forum is only what 4-5 years old now and allot of what is in my ideas has actually come from discussions like these and because of that the my vision has evolved and this introduces new things to think about and decide on, which have a knock on effect to everything else.

    Yep, i wouldnt have any problem endorsing? or branding somthing if it would be what you guys would like. (i think that's what you mean't?)

    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    Lee Maybe you could set up a section where people could advertise kits of parts? I'm sure some forum members would be willing to make these? this would help these not so fortunate to have the kit t do the necessary. This way the site would be catering for all types of builders????
    Yea no problem, although we already have the Market Place section of forums for doing that kind of thing. Hehe, maybe now is a good time to talk about I’m starting to waffle, it’s getting late and I’m desperate to get back to coding up what will be the “doc” for the chat app I’m working on.


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    Martin, as you know I am fairly new to this site and only came up with this suggestion because I thought it would be helpful to new and inexperienced cnc wannabies. To build a good little machine and then be able to make some lovely things with it must be very satisfying (I know how I felt when after dozens of hours trying to sort my machine conversion out I was at last able to make something).

    I was, and still am thrilled to think that I am now able to have an idea, design, draw then make it. Fantastic - and that from a now 69 year old. I am only sorry that I did not discover cnc years earlier.

    Hopefully "bickering" will not enter the equation. I do not see why healthy discussion should harm this site or lead experienced members leaving.

    Of course there will some differences of opinion about things, but at the end of the day if we can end up producing something that will encourage new blood then surely that would be a good thing. If this gets off the ground, not everybody will have their own way, somebody will have to consider the various comments and then make their decision - its no good trying to design a machine by committee - and we can then perhaps have the best starter machine available. Without doubt there may be some really good ideas that do not get incorporated, but those ideas will remain on this forum, and may well be used by members in some future project of their own.

    Yes, you are right, some people may just download plans and go their own way, but I think that once (site membership might be a requirement to get the plans)
    they have joined the site and realized what help is available they too could be stricken by the cnc bug. G.

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    Geofrey, I'm new to the site as well but have seen this sort of thing tried before & never successfully because it does cause a lot of problems. Biggest problem with the internet is that there is no body language & no tone so what one person says is miss interpreted by another & before you know it things have got out of hand & it's handbags at dawn lol. At present a lot of people find this site after they have made a mistake & are looking for solutions to existing problems not because they have any kind of fascination with cnc machines. I include myself in that number because I had already started to build a machine from a book I bought on the internet about building a low cost machine. I don't believe this project will alter that & I do believe you can give people to much, neither of which is good for the development of the site. The common questions will still get asked by new members who are keen to learn, people don't bother to read or use search options on websites, the answers to most of the common questions are already on the site, many of them as a sticky post so easier to find yet still people ask the questions.
    The development of the site as Lee spoke about above in my view would be a far better way to go, have the discussions about build then whoever is running it edit it to take out all the irrelevant comments that you always get as people go off track & then stick them in a section for new people to read. As I say a lot of it is all ready there so this could also be brought in to the same section.

    I;m not against this sort of thing as some people seem to think I am it's just that these days I tend to be a bit cynical & someone has to point out the downside to any sort of venture however good it may seem.
    If it ends up being a big success then I will be the first person to hold my hand up & say I was wrong, quite happy for that to happen as it means that the forum will have grown, not just registered members but active members which is what you really want to flourish.

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    Sorry had a long hard think about this and it won't work has some are expecting.

    If I can help in some small ways then I will but I'm not prepared to take a lead has to me it's an hiding to nothing and will end up with just a small few doing all the work and others just leeching, while others will just stab and poke for the sake of it.

    So I'm declaring my self out.!!

    Good luck.

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    I'm with Jazz for reasons I mentioned before in post #70

    Like Jazz I do a lot of work behind the scenes, that won't change but working 1:1 you get to know who's dedicated and who's wanting a free ride.
    John S -

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    lets get down to the bare facts.

    customer a wants a router 4ft x 4ft to cut ally.
    customer b wants an engraver 150mm x 150mm to make fancy pens.
    customer c wants to make wooden plaques in a variety of woods and sizes.

    You're never going to please everyone, but a basic no frills scaleable router is an easy proposition.

    Maybe an established cnc retailer (cough, cough), can supply the range of parts needed to make this router at the right price, and customers a, b and c can get a set of scaleable plans and the parts to bolt everything together.

    True you can get cheap routers from the far east, but nobody wants them. Let's be honest they're not very good, they have poor metal, bad machining, crap electronics, and worse than anything else piss poor after sales service.

    The members on here like to build so lets give them something to build

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    Hi, I am currently on holiday in Devon and will be returning home towards the end of the week. I would like some time to consider all the comments made on this site with regards this project on my return. G.

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    Right I vote Jonathon takes the reigns for the following reasons.

    [1] He knows it all.

    [2] He's under employed so has loads of time.

    [3] He knows all the cheap deals and will share them at the same price he pays.

    [4] Prepared to work for nothing.
    John S -

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    I second that!
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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