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    I'm Leigh. I've finally got round to starting to build a machine (after about 4 years). Started with wanting to make balsa part for Rc model planes, then thought it would be useful if it cut aluminium as well. Scopes started to spiral before I've even started . Hoping to get the machine finished in 2013.

    I've prepared myself for a lot of learning and expense.


  2. Hi Leigh
    What type of machine are you building? I'm a RC modeller as well and have built a CNC hot wire foam cutter its on my website at Home . I've run a few test cuts and now going to do a flying wing. If you need any help give me a shout.


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    Hi Keith,

    Building a smallish machine to start 800ish X 600ish y and 100mm Z - I say ish as I've not fully worked everything out. Hoping to modify / stiffen / improve as I need / learn more. Mainly looking to cut balsa parts / CF parts for gliders / helis but would like to be able to make aluminium moulds for CF wing lay ups for gliders eventually. Also as I've spent most of my spare time at christmas reading this forum I know I'll end up building parts to improve the machine with time.

    Your hot wire cutter looks good. is it mainly wings you make with it?


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    Welcome to the forum Leigh, there are a few RC enthusiasts on the forum so your in good company, that's not saying that the rest of us aren't good company lol.

  5. Hi Leigh
    I'm starting off with wings but my aim is to make fuselages as well. I fly a 72" Lancaster which I hope to start making all the parts for out of foam once I get to grips with it.


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