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    Great, I'm wondering if the 80mm bore is a bearing fit / interference fit??
    Once you remove the cir-clips the bearing pushes out with a light tap.
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    The 2.2Kw model is 80mm dia. It varies for the others.

    As for Spindle mount options your looking at making your own really. You can get them from places like ebay US and various CNC retailers over there but shipping makes it expensive.

    If your feeling adventurous then using an SMA50 linear bearing housing with the bearing case removed provides exactly an 80mm dia bore. This is a very sturdy mount for the spindle since you've got over half of it clamped. You do have modify it a little though by cutting a channel in the side for the clamping action. Pretty simple really if you've got the right tool for the job(band saw, radial arm saw, a jigsaw with a good metal blade or if you clamped and set up a jig then a regular hand router with 3mm dia straight bit would do a great job). I'm surprised some enterprising sort isn't knocking these out to be honest. There's certainly a gap in the UK for it.

    The housing is 21+vat from Gary at Zapp.

    SMA50UU Linear Bearing with housing

    Attachment 7797 Attachment 7799
    I'm attempting to do this setup with an SMA50 block, however, the block hole is 75mm not 80mm. The LM50 bearing case is also 75mm, while all adverts for this case give 80mm as the dimension. Any ideas on how to get the spindle in?

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    If you have access to a lathe then a 4-jaw chuck, centralised using a DTI on the existing bore, then bored out to 80mm. Creep up on the final cut as it's quite a deep part.

    If you have access to a milling machine then a flycutter, or a proper boring head if it will cut a part that deep. I don't have one myself but imagine they are expensive.

    Do all this before you make the slit etc.

    If you have neither, then do you have the receipt! Would the supplier swap it for an 80mm version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zephy1 View Post
    I'm attempting to do this setup with an SMA50 block, however, the block hole is 75mm not 80mm.
    Then it's not SMA50 because the bearings are 80mm. I use them all the time and never had one 75mm.

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    I have one of these 75mm mounts sitting in the workshop at the moment which was given to me. When I measured it, I realised why it was being thrown out... When I get round to it, I'll stick it on the milling machine and run the boring head through it. There seems to be plenty of meat in the casting to do this. Only minor difficulty is that someone has already cut the slot down one side so I'll have to shim that and clamp up before boring.
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