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    hi guys i work as a cnc machinist on a xyz machine i have only been doing it a year or so, so im pretty new to it but iv picked up the programing side very quick...

    now heres the big question! i want to stat up my own little business makeing small custom car parts nothing bigger than 110mm in diameter... now i can do a little amount of milling at work so i want a smaller machine at home so i can do the detail engraving that would take to long at work!

    so my first option is a cnc3020 just due to the price of it...

    then theres the 6040 which is a bit big and slightly expensive

    then theres this CNC Routers - Mill 2000 milling Maching

    its all going to be made out of ally mostly using 1-4mm cutters tops so its not going to be running fast feeds really butdo need the speed...

    heres a few pics of what I'm making

    so basically will a 3020 do me?

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    No, not a suitable machine.

    The mill 2000 is very limited as well, too small a motor, too small a footprint.
    Either start off with a better machine and convert it or save up for a better machine or you will finish up buying twice.
    John S -

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    What would you recommend?!

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    Question is how deep are your pockets?
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Not very hance me going for a 3020 90% of the milling/turning will be done at work it's just the engraving done on top of the piece... Untill and if I upgrade...

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    You mean your going to use your employers machinery for home jobs
    Thats shocking, you would never catch me doing that. I try to get it all done before he comes in!!

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    I'm a good boy and ask permission first ;)

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    This was done on a CNC converted SiegSX2 mill.

    John S -

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    Is that not what the super mill 2000 was I linked too in my first post?!
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    Yes true, this was No ?? machine.

    This is the off first machine.

    John S -

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