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    Well after a fair amount of research the x2 seems the best option converting it seems easy enough with vids on YouTube...
    the kit in those videos didn't have a control box so I'm stumped at that bit but a guy from work is helping me with sorting a kit out and iv found a x2 for 580 is that decent that's brand new aswell...

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    I would wait & save the pennies until you have a bit more, can't help thinking that although you say that is all you need once you have it other ideas will come to you & the machine will not be suitable for your needs & you will regret not buying something a bit bigger.

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    this is still for sale, ideal for this type of job.

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    We have gone from a 400 3020 to a 1kish x2 to a 2200 triac :/ I'm having a word with my old boss this week he's always up for business ideas... But to be blowing that kinda cash I have to be 100% sure the market is there! It's sounds promising at the min but u can't be definite
    my plan is to make a chuck to replace a jig to knock out a first run of a product off all works well then I may outsource till I have enough money to buy a decent sized machine like you guys are suggesting... Does that sound logical?!u

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