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    Just looking at Artsofts site and it says on the first page that it can be used with a laptop providing you use an external motion controller. Maybe this is how to get round the wont work on a laptop problem.

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    I'm a grumpy old man who recently became a non-smoker
    give them electric cigs a go !! they are a winner :)
    and cheer up ! spring is on its way

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    give them electric cigs a go !! they are a winner :)
    and cheer up ! spring is on its way
    Thanks Mark! I am actually personally feeling very cheery today...because the season is over! Although xmas 2012 was shite for me, xmas 2013 will be great as I will again be with my daughters and grandkids!! And as you say spring is almost here ;-)

    My little post spiel was more of a funny way of suggesting that this time of year can be unhappy for many folk, for various seasonal reasons, which may make them appear grumpier than usual.

    Flamin hell... first day of the year and I'm getting all philosophical while sober... ;-)

    Tomorrow marks 7 weeks as a non-smoker, so it's going very well......

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    I use a Laptop and it does have a PP port that works with Mach.!! . . . . . BADLY and UNRELIABLY.

    To use Laptop and have a stable working system 100% NEEDS a motion controller. The advantages over the PP make it well worth the money alone and the convenience of using Laptop for me is ideal.

    You will have nothing but trouble and wasted time if you pursue a PP Laptop.

    Edit: A motion controller also means you can use Mach on 64bit windows machine has well as the most basic Laptop.!

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