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    Hey, one would need an easy way out, from a few questions. Please help if you can:

    1) What I have is this set of collets (actual picture)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    1.1) On the collet chuck there is a text ER32 - MS3

    - think the set is similar to this:
    ER32 COLLET SET-DIN6499B,, Er32 Collet Set-DIN6499B, Products | DHgate Factory

    - and they fit into my King Midas Milling machine:

    Now I would like to buy a fly cutter and some smaller (eg. 3-6mm wide tip) end mill bits.

    Please would these fly cutters fit into what I have?

    Gloster Straight Shank Fly Cutter Set. 1/2


    Are these sort of things any good, or would you have anything else to suggest? Do I have some oddball in my hands for which parts are next to impossible to find? Tell me what I have!

    Thanks for reading!

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    Anything with a straight shank upto 20mm diameter will fit into an ER32 collet, provided you have the right collet.
    Each collet covers 1mm, and the size is usually etched into the surface that points up when in the box.

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    Great information - thanks! I will look from straight shank fly cutters :D

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