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    Im a farmer by trade and a diy cnc'r when im not busy, im in need of a bit of cash to do up my bathroom and ive always meant to do this.

    We have a decent workshop and im looking to help out a few machine builders and earn a bit, plan is for 20 quid/hr ill do anything on the list

    Cnc plasma up to 3mx1.5m 1mm-10mm

    Cnc flame cutting 3 x 1.5m any 10mm +

    Cnc press brake 3m x 100t

    Cnc Guillotine 3m x 6mm

    Mig welding

    Tig welding

    When i built my first machine i got a guy to cut some profiles for me and it was a great help so i figure i could help a few people out, i also know a bit about diy cnc so maybe i could help you with your machine or software, we buy a lot of structural steel so i can get as good a price on material as anybody, we keep some sheet material but not tonnes of the stuff so drop me an email and we'll go from there.




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    i forgot to mention im from Somerset England

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