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    Hello everyone , i brout a home made Cnc router table , and the motors are wired up wrong ,i cant get in touch with the guy who made it , would there be any ane in the wolverhampton area willing to come have a look at it for me please....


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    Sorry mate like to help but over M1 J25 area
    John S -

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    How do you know it's wired incorrectly?? If you have details of the motors then someone on here will be able to tell you how best to connect them to the drivers,

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    the guy i got it from was ment to come sort it, but never did , thats what he said , iv a laser machine so was going to use it for deep engraving signs , its all hooked up with mach 3 , just judders when try to use it :(

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    it judders when try to operate it ,runs off mach 3 , the bloke i got it off said motors wired up wromg never got back in touch, i dont knw to much about it i mainly use laser machines

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    Post some good quality pics of motors and the control box and I'm sure can talk you thru wiring them correctly if they are indeed wired wrong.? It could just be Mach's setup wrong.

    Any information you can give will help.

    Look in Mach's menu Config/Motor tuning and tell me whats in the boxs Steps Per, Velocity, acceleration for Each Axis by clicking on the relevant button in Axis selection at side.

    Also look at what native units your using IE: metric or Imperial. Again menu config/select native units. Don't be alarmed with the warning box that first pops up just click ok and then the native units will be shown.

    Your problem could be that the Native units are wrong for the Motor tuning.? If the units are imperial and setup for metric or vise versa then motors will appear to judder.

    Check what version of Mach your using has well by looking in the menu Help/about mach3 should see Version box.

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    ill take some pics of motors and the drivers tomorrw and post them on here if i can lol , thank you

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CIMG4713.JPG 
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ID:	7891this is router cnc

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    Need photo's of inside the control box, loads of them.
    John S -

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    yes i couldnt get them today , ill go up tomorrow , :)

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