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    Rubbish:( the only motors I found off the shelf are roughly 300. I thought steppers should be cheaper, but a 12Nm stepper is around the 100 mark:

    and it needs a rather expensive controller (as it sucks 6Amps), which adds another 100 on top:

    Of course there's a final slap on the face with the DC supply, which comes to roughly 70:

    SPS407 Unregulated switching power supply.

    so all together it's close price-wise to the DC motor (and something that Jonathan mentioned before, although at that point I thought I'd be able to get away with the cheaper DM422C controllers).

    Jonathan, you've mentioned that if the speed is below the corner speed, the torque should stay at a reasonable level. How does one calculate the corner speed for a given motor? I'm asking because it might be better for me to use a 12Nm stepper 1:1, rather than doubling the speed to 600RPM and then using 2:1 to get the right spindle speed.


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    In case you are still looking have you tried a servodisc/Pancake motor like they use on scooters and electric bikes? Might be a bit big but could be worth a look.

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