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    Upon stumbling across the below... suddenly my (so far) 1500 investment making mine doesnt feel so sickening. (so long as it works by the time im finished)

    CNC Router / milling machine | eBay

    Not that I doubt that this is worth what the current bid is... Im sure it is... but surely the sum of its parts is not?

    28 bids already with 4 hours to go, suggests it has the support behind it to make it go for a lot more?

    can anybody see anything I cant? unsupported bearings etc looks like an off the shelf machine? could be homemade?

    To be fair; if I hadnt stumbled across you lot on here I would probably be one of the bidders!

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    To be fair; if I hadnt stumbled across you lot on here I would probably be one of the bidders!
    I think thats the key... its ready to work
    building is hard and time consuming but has the glorious advantage off "made to measure"

    this machine looks ok, not rigid enough for my taste though

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    That's a Strike CNC machine! Spit on it! lol

    That was their 'demo' model used to sell poorly built junk.

    I notice the seller has wisely choose not to advertise that fact. He must come on here.

    All I can say is I wouldn't touch that with yours!

    Ps. Wonder if this is the machine that was stolen from Strike. From reading the ad its clear the seller hasn't used it and has himself another machine. Maybe he let the dust settle before trying to shift it on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobiwan View Post
    That's a Strike CNC machine! Spit on it! lol
    Wow, I was going to point out how the photo shows two of the Z bearing blocks are only half attached by two bolts and say that must be a Strike CNC machine as they're well known for their quality Z axes! However I decided it was fairer not to, but it's actually true... sigh.
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    I think for the price that that went for (1920), the machine that i,m building far out weighs what that one could offer me. But everyone to their own. If your not in a position to plan and build, then buying one is the other option, as long as you dont get ripped off along the way. At least by building one, and probably buying in the parts, you know that the parts are unused and normally come with a guarantee, incase of being faulty. I enjoy the planning, and cant wait to see my end product, which will hopefully do the job that i want it to do for many a year to come.

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    That went for 2K!! In the words of my car phone kit when it doesnt understand me "What can I say?"

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    Strike 1 and your out !
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Personally, I can certainly understand why it went for what it did. For some this is a hobby (& therefore the thrill of the chase is important!), for others, the economics/budget dictates they have to plan/build build their own....but for those that have neither the time or inclination (or just need to get up & running straight away) I'd say that machine was a good buy vs. the other option (chinese CNC machine on ebay). It looks like there was a lot of attention to detail & before anyone leaps in & says "but no supported rails...will it cut ali" etc....the seller was using it to cut wood & I'd say that if the purchaser has that type of material in mind, then it was a nice buy.

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    That's just the thing hank, they look quite good but as soon as you delve deeper and cut then the problems show.

    Strike has a record of building rubbish that either needs to be rebuilt or new parts fitted.

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    There is now a vid up:

    and also more pics:

    I thought the engraving made it obvious...


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