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    Hi everybody, just registered since i want to learn about to make my own cnc router for using as plasma cutter, not sure if i have to make a new thread or i can ask all doubts i have aroung here, also if you have some Diy i'd like to see that for learning.


    Walter R.

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    hi there Walter
    I think there has been a couple of bits on here regrading plasma

    the thing to do is gather as much info as you can, read some of the router build logs and draw up a simple design then start a new thread/build log with your drawings so people can critique and point out any possible problems etc

    the trend tends to be you will do lots of amended drawings have lots of discussion about the finer points and eventually start buying components with some confidence as a result

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, i will read some build threads and i hope i can be able to make my own cnc route, im able to do it with solidworks too but i really have not idea what parts i'd need for get table done.

    what i wanna is to make something like this..cutting steel up to 8-10mm thickness..

    Any input for reading will be appreciate it a lot.


    Walter R.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, i will read some build threads and i hope i can be able to make my own cnc route
    with plenty of patience and drive you should have no trouble completing a cnc
    the principle machine is quite simple and your preliminary designs will be easy

    the difficult part is juggling all the fine detail in preparation for ordering parts (you will get plenty of advice on the various parts and how to implement them if you submit plenty of drawings showing what you are thinking)

    solidworks is a great tool for proving all your parts will fit the way you designed them too

    plasma cutting requires no cutting force from your machine so if you are exclusively using it for plasma cutting it could be built relatively light and only have a small Z axis travel compared to a typical router.

    using toothed belts instead of the more expensive ball-screws is an option worth investigating

    if however you wish to attempt to kill two birds with one stone and use the machine as a router as well as a plasma cutter thing will be a little more complex (I'm pretty sure its been done though)

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    Hi Blacburn, thanks for your reply, apreciate it a lot.

    What i wanna make is a plasma cnc cutter really, ive read router should be stronger , about toothed belts, if you have some pictures about how are sliders and pulleys, i was checking for motors and controler parts, not sure if this will works good:

    CNC Systems

    also they sell pulleys belts too. what i wanna see is about sliders or the system about router moves..that's my concern right now.

    Thanks again!

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    Regardless of how well you build the machine you will need an extraction and filtration system for plasma cutting. The fumes from plasma cutting are very bad for you even from mild steel and get alot worse if you attempt stainless steel. If you are going to cut different thicknesses of material you really need to be able to set an initial piercing height and then a cutting height once the arc has been established. This is normally done by setting the piercing height with a foot sensor or can be done with a touch and retract sensor then switching to arc voltage height control to keep a stable arc height. This will add considerable cost to your machine. Also with plasma cutting thicker material the machine requires a delay to allow the plasma arc time to establish and fully pierce through the material before the drives turn on and move the machine.

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    What i wanna make is a plasma cnc cutter really
    that will probably make life much simpler :)

    I'm no expert with plasma.... the drives you linked are quite low voltage and may not to be quick enough for plasma

    you may be ok with 50v drives if your machine is light and nimble or to play it safe 80v drives

    CNC Wantai Digital Control 4Axis Stepper Driver,24-80VDC/7.8A | eBay

    for linear rails and ballscrews lots of people on this forum use this guy in china (linearmotionbearings2008)
    linear rail SBR16-1200mm(4 rails+ 8 SBR16UU blocks),SUR | eBay
    have a look through some of his kits to give you an idea of whats available (he will do any sizes you require just email him for a quote)

    the touch off and retract should be relatively easy to impliment but i have no experience with arc voltage height control

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    great info!

    Blackburn, that's that i will need :) , i will talk with them and ask for what i really need..

    about motors, 3.1 i think should be good since it's not needed to much force , does it?

    WebGoblin, this will works in my shop, not at my home.. i use bansaws, etc, so i think it's not problem.

    i will start nex month buying parts for the router first..

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    OK, he told me i will need 690X490mm linear rails.. i will order it soon!! :)

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    3.1Nm motors sounds good to me

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