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    OK, he told me i will need 690X490mm linear rails.. i will order it soon!! :)
    ok, your machine is somewhat smaller than I anticipated so you may well be ok with 50v drives, however, without knowing how you will drive your machine and how much speed you need with plasma I wouldn’t like to commit...

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    yes, the work size i want is about 600X400mm only, i would use only for make exhaust flanges and some parts like that, not bigger parts really.

    about plasma, i really dont care if cuts are slower, i just want to make my own parts and to get decent cuts , of course i want to build a "cheap" machine, not the cheapest and not the waste a lot of money in this first cnc plasma of course.. just i need to introduce in this work and learn how this work exactly. once i get this working , i think it should be easy to improve everything.

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