Don't have files to post at the moment but a useful jig for those of us with a spoil board that is mounted (or anyone who has one that is mounted and can be squared) is to make a sliding T-square. It is a bit old fashioned, but allows for quick placement of material on one axis and depending on how you set it up can even have a small corner milled in and the back side can be milled as well to give to face to set against.

It is simple to make in that you mill the edge piece so that the edge against the board is true. Then mount the cross piece in place (that can be simple or complex depending on how you want to do it), it should be firmly mounted in place and some of the complex joints that where in the wood working post can be used to increased true. I opted for getting it as close to 90 as possible. The clamp it down with the edge board tight to the edge of the spoil board and mill the edge true with Y.

For the basic model you are done once you have milled both back and front and you have a rather simple but useful tool that makes set up something that can take but moments. Now if you want there are options to make it more complex and more accurate and also to add a sliding arm for getting spot on with truing a piece on the deck.

I am currently working on one so I can set up the jigs for my G59P# series stations even tighter and be able to set up multiple pieces to be milled in a run. I will try to post some pic's of the two simple ones I have made already and a couple of pictures of the complex one once I have it done.

Hope this is useful to folks.