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    btw, i was thinking in to put some tubes for to support steel to be cutted, i dont know if plasma would cut these pieces...

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    Hi again, this is what i made, the other rails, i'd need 500mm instead 590mm i was thinking to order.. so it should be 790X500mm linear rails.

    i made a triangle as base for the Z axis , just thinking about balance..what do you think?

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    Got it done, just i need to draw ball screws, i havent sizes yet but i will do it soon. any advice will be appreciate it a lot!

    btw i had to modify the triangle because i made 50X50 but it's needed to be 60X60 because it wouldnt slider since it will touch with the base 100X50.

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    Now I thought everyone used vertical slats for the bed, sort of 1/8" x 2" up to 1/8" a 4" supported from below at either end and in the middle. That presents less of a target and the bottom is out of range. Looks really neat and stiffens it up if you put in a bit of a bend. Not saying you are wrong, but it looks a bit odd.

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but why are you making it so big and heavy when all you are moving is a plastic torch and a rubber pipe? The routers you see on here need strength because of the cutting forces but plasma shouldn't even touch. Unless you plan to fit a router head, all you have to worry about is the force required to accelerate the gantry. You need at least 0.1G acceleration, 0.3G is good, more is better.

    Welded iron looks good in pictures but the tolerances are low because the weld contracts as it cools. If you weld it you are going to have to fit a torch height control and that means hacking the cutter if it doesn't have a THC outlet.

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    Hi Robin, appreciate a lot your suggestions, this is my first plasma im build so i have not much idea about it, i was thinking in to make it light too but when i was designing it that's what i got lol! i was thinking in to make a solid support but not too heavey, if you have any suggestion of how do i can improve the actual design i will appreciate it a lot.

    About welded iron you means the "yellow" parts? or what exactly do you means?

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walterronny View Post
    About welded iron you means the "yellow" parts? or what exactly do you means?
    Apologies for that, I have a touch of insomnia, really should not do forums at 3am. If you are using aluminium and gusset plates, nil problemo, it is adjustable.

    There's lots of good info on plasma over on cnczone but the Americans do seem to follow a formula which may or may not be optimum. If you don't use a Hypertherm they look on it as a cure for all your ills.

    I'm currently tryng to make a lightweight plasma Z axis by 3D printing. The American method to get pierce and cut heights is by sensor and stepper motor, but that leaves you with a stepper interface to do THC which is an analogue thing I suspect may be better handled by a DC motor. I could be completely wrong, won't know until I try it.

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    Lool, i see, ive seen another plasmas cheaper than Hypertherm and after to watch some videos, should be great, i was thinking in to use cut50 but i'd like to see pictures of how cut 8 and 10mm really.

    talking about router, i will ask price for aluminium material..

    im thinking in to change the desing, instead steel plate i will try with square tube, i hope i can do that tonight.

    Thanks Robin.

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    Hi guys, ive been really bussy and leave this for a while. Ok, im listing all electronic parts i will need, let me know if i will need more electronic parts:

    3 Nema 3.1nm motors.
    Drivers (this will be enought for controll motors?)
    Match3 Software

    I'd like to learn how this exactly works, i means, each driver per motor, what exactly driver does? and how works breakout board? how they will be wiring? Also i would like to know if i can convert parallel to usb just with a cable like this or i really will need something like this, why not the first simple cable and why that board?

    Any input will be appreciate it a lot.


    Walter R.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walterronny View Post
    Motor mounts (idk how they go mounted with the motors!)

    For your review, here is a very good way of designing/making motor mounts, they incorporate angular contact bearings so may save you some time at design and money on additional parts.

    Pictured is the face the motor will attach to, on the other side there is just a simple bore to recive the anguler contact bearings, on the second picture you can see an option for supporting your leadscrew (at the other end) with just normal radial bearings.

    Good luck with the build !

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    Hi, these looks really great!! and a bit expensive to me :D i think i even build my own mounts for motors with aluminium sheets welded.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Walter R.

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