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    I have a z-axis made up of makerslide and want to use this type of mount

    any ideas on the best way of fixing it to the makerslide?

    would mounting a plate on the the maker slide first with say four bolts, two top and two bottom. then fixing this mount to that plate ? ( like a L shape in the end )


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    After looking further at the mount above, as the zaxis makerslide is 40mm wide and this mount has mount holes 40mm apart It would not be possible to mount on the makerslide, so I reckon on a 10mm or 20mm x 60 mm plate mounted on the makerslide 20mm holes, then look for a custom mount again 20mm thick with holes at 50mm so the screws fit outside the rail from the back into the mount?

    thanks again

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    Modify the mounting to suit or make new.

    Drill 2 5mm holes all the way thru on 20mm centres then open up with a counterbore so the screws are sunken below the 43mm kress mounting circle.

    Like this.

    John S -

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    Excellent idea John, always a simpler solution out there, are there any people on here that would be able to make such a clamp? as i would have no chance with my hand drill :)


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