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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    It wouldsnt suprise me if they've gone bump.

    personally , from experience I wouldnt bother!, But in an effort to try and stay unbiased

    try contacting James Marchant
    well that didn't work.

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    looking more and more like there is a serious problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    A compromised web site is generally a hacker attack or perhaps your antivirus software being a bit precious.
    Indeed, however that's not my antivirus popping up that warning, its Google itself.

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    If you search for Marchant Dice on Google it gives a warning that the site may be compromised. I have had this before with Google and it is actually an attack on the web site, which causes Google to report this. It is a problem with Google and Marchant Dice may not be aware of this. They will have to deal with Google to clear the warning.

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    admin @ marchantdice . com (without the spaces) worked last Friday !

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    Just a quick post to update everyone regarding the subject of this post.

    Firstly I can confirm we have certainly not closed or gone "bust", the very opposite in fact we are busier than ever and constantly expanding our staff as well as our product range. We have some very exciting new advances on our CNC machines which will be released for sale in the near future after a 3 month intensive R&D phase. We are currently selling a huge number of machines per month (this includes delivery and training to our customers) over our whole machine product range as well as many many orders for related components via eBay as well as via our online shop. This has meant we have met a great number of people over the last couple of years and are confident we offer an excellent service. Of course like all fast growing companies we have experienced issues with the occasional order in the past which we try to solve as efficiently as possible.

    All machines are built in our UK factory (where we also stock all related components off the shelf) and we run a very open door policy where anyone is welcome to visit any time. All our machines also come with a one year guarantee as well as one year free technical and software support.

    The issue regarding the website we were not aware of however the website seems to be functioning correctly so we will contact Google to ensure they check things their end.

    We are currently experiencing a phone outage hence the intermittent phone connection however we hope this will be resolved in the next couple of days.

    The email address has never been a valid email address therefore you would have received a bounce back. My email is however suggest you email any enquiries to to ensure they are picked up by everyone (that email account is forwarded to three people, including myself) to ensure all enquiries are dealt with promptly.

    If anyone else has anything they wish to discuss albeit general or to do with an order then please email us as above and we will get back to you promptly.

    Many thanks
    James Marchant

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    Quote Originally Posted by marchantdice View Post
    We have some very exciting new advances on our CNC machines which will be released for sale in the near future after a 3 month intensive R&D phase.
    Perhaps start with researching how to mount ballscrews properly:
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Perhaps start with researching how to mount ballscrews properly:l

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    They screwed me over good and proppa. Took my money via bank transfer then just keep fobbing me off on email if they reply at all. Got to take them to court now ffs! Lost loads of money erfunding my customers because parts not arrived for jobs

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    I was wondering what happened to posts. To delete members opinions because they conflict with the business interests of the forum is corrupt and dishonest.
    Look at this photo, it is my MD router - what you see is the Z axis linear bearings being held in by the profile end cap, which in turn is being held in by a small bracket. This bracket is my fix to stop the linear bearing dropping out !

    Defend that !

    I have a piece of poor design from MD, who were absolutely uninterested when the BoB they supplied went faulty (a BoB now obsolete and was already obsolete when I bought it from them).

    It is the duty of the forum to allow honest criticism with evidence and if the forum has its integrity compromised it is valueless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    I made an order last week for a delrin nut and asked for two extras, one was any fitting instructions and the other was to scrounge some small bits. The next day Kevin Marchant phoned me to discuss the delrin nut and sent me one machined to fit my router. Everything arrived next day.

    A compromised web site is generally a hacker attack or perhaps your antivirus software being a bit precious.
    Maybe you are a lucky one cropwell. there are plenty of others including me who have been ripped off. I will never deal with Marchant Dice (new name Bionica Systems) again. I advise others to do the same.

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