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    We have for sale a number of aluminium tooling sheets.

    These sheets were originally bought and used to mount P.V.C welding tools on. The 'ALCA PLUS' plate is used extensively in general tooling applications due to it's dimensional stability and flatness tolerances.

    Product Specifics:

    Various sizes from 100 x 50 up to approx 300 x 300, in thicknesses from 2mm up to 13mm

    Most sheets have small holes drilled from previous use, again this varies depending on the sheet. Most holes are roughly 5mm although I can give specifics depending on the sheet required.

    Small markings from general measurements & previous use

    Photos are available if required.

    We have a wide range of these plates in stock from our used tooling - If you have a specific size you are looking for, or are interested in more items, please email me your requirements. Viewings available by appointment.

    *We also have a tray full of aluminium angle used for setting the tooling in place which is available for purchase should it be of interest*

    Cash on collection accepted from our Sutton Coldfield based unit, or delivery can be arranged at additional cost (payment to be made through Paypal). Postage can be arranged through Royal Mail, please email me for a price.

    Thanks you for your interest!
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    Well give us a clue on pricing ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Well give us a clue on pricing ?
    Ha - good point! Due to the range of sizes and thicknesses I can't give an entire list, but they range from around 5 up to 15 for the larger sheets.


    nb. the smaller sheets are mostly 8- 13mm thick

    We are also open to bulk pricing.

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    How thick is the 450x450, do you have 3 or 4 sheets and how many holes do they have in?


    PS and would it be possible to view/collect at the weekend?

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    I've just checked our stock and a chap has just been it to pick up our few larger sheets! We're now down to quite a few sheets around the 300 x 300 x 13mm mark. (rough size as each piece has been used for a different size tool, although most are 13mm thick)

    If these are still of interest I can put a few aside for you, however there won't be anyone around this weekend unfortunately (can be arranged for a weekend at a later date however)

    As for holes, again they vary from 2-4 holes up to around 15-20 depending on the sheet (we have a whole pallet of them so I can't see every sheet at the minute.)

    You would be more than welcome to come and have a look through the stock if that is preferable.


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