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    @ DC............+/- 0.1mm accuracy (that's about the average thickness of a human hair) without splitting hairs (see whay I done there) I would of thought that was good enough for most applications.......well it is for me see below......of course unless you can point me in the direction of a similar device with better accuracy at a similar price?

    Multi Mode From 10,000 – 500,000pts/shoot
    Accuracy Up to 0.1 mm
    Spatial Resolution: up to 0.3 mm
    Texture ( Colour / Pts ) Greyscale ( colour option )
    Working Distance 400 mm
    Depth of Field 150 mm
    Field of View 150 x 165 cm
    Recommended dimensional Scan From 10 cm3 to 1.2m3
    Acquisition Time 10 ms
    Software Interface Numisoft RE acquisition and optimization software.
    Export File Formats High Quality PointCloud data
    Interface USB 2.0
    Shock & Vibration proof Standard
    Weight 1.9 kg
    Embedded Batteries Autonomy 1 day
    Regulatory Compliance CE
    Noomeo OptiNum RE package OptiNum RE scannerwith its embedded battery, Numisoft RE Software, Power charger, USB cable,robust carrying case,
    Recommended Package for OptiNum scanner.. Geomagic Wrap RE Software
    Computer Spec CPU:i7Quad core, RAM:8Gb; Graphics: NVidia FX 38000, with 1Gb memory, Windows 7 Pro – 64bit (mandatory )

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    It seems a good craic to me russ i say go for it and good luck, i get a bit of scanning work done with a couple of lads,they always seem busy,use portable scanning and offer on site service.
    Some of the quotes i used to get for scanning work were hair raising!

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    Note it says 'Up to 0.1 mm'

    What people trying to sell their product claim and reality are often very different things, if you have a search around the web there are people who have used it and were only able to get a much lower accuracy. If it is good enough for your needs that is great but I would test it first on the most demanding things you will need it for. That said if you need portabl to offer it as service and are confident it can pay for itself that is different to an investment that will only be used inhouse.

    I was refering to 123Dcatch when I mentioned doing it for with an iphone btw, have you tried that to see if it is any good?

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    Lives in Chatham, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 06-02-2014 Has been a member for 6-7 years. Has a total post count of 14.

    I'll check it out

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