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    Looks good , which dmm kit did you opt for ?

    And what happened to the first machine ? That frame looked pretty awesome

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    Did not have the funds to opt for a DMM kit this time... Sadly...

    So I opted for Leadshine AM882 drives, and 1600oz-in steppers (low cost ones) Will be switched out at some time in the future, with Leadshines own stepper motors instead.
    But for now, they run ok.

    The old machine was sold. A bit to big for my garage. It took up almost 6m2.
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    How you did the T slot?

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    The T-slots I bought from

    I let the machine route out the recesses for the t-slot rails, and just screwed them into the table top.

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    Now i have the question here if the result on aluminum is a bit poor cause the aluminum t-slots would not hold it strong enough/ the alu plate/ . cause i have to decide now for my machine and still in doubt. I have been searching for the same but in steel.

    What do you think? Is the slot strong enough? Any vibrations from the work holding?

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    The aluminum was made on the old tabletop. Since then the crossmembers have been reinforced with extra steel, plus the tabletop itself has been changed from 22mm OSB to 22+19mm MDF.

    If the T-slots will hold the aluminum in place I don't yet know, but I'm gonna make a test soon, where I'll cut some hold downs for the T-slots...

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    Well, the machine is up and running as it should be. And I have already cut a few bits and pieces in Aluminum on it. Recently I cut 16 plates in 5mm aluminum sheet.. Ended up looking really good... They are 121x156mm and tolerances are within 1-2/10 of a millimeter. Not the best tolerances, but I only had a single flute 3.175mm cutter, so it came out as it came out.. But the finish was great...
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