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    Are there standard cuts people use to test the operation and straightness of a newly constructed machine ?

    I'm thinking along the lines of:

    1) Checking bed is flat and moves to limits correctly - for fixed gantry machines.
    2) Checking the X/Y are set up to move equally. eg: cuts a circle not an ellipse.
    3) Checking the spindle is vertical in X and Y axes and moves vertically in the Z axis.


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    Cut a square and measure the diagonals. Should be equal length. If not then the machines not square.

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    For best accuracy you should ideally cut a square that's around you travel limits. If you don't have a long digital rule to do that then this method works well:

    MechMate CNC Router Forum : <font color="ff0000">&#42;</font> Setting the Y-axis square to the X-axis

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    Hi, a very simple check that I use is to cut two circles of the same diameter, one offset inside the line, the other outside the line. the larger circle should be a perfect fit in the smaller hole, and should fit in any position, but friction will mean it will not rotate too freely. G.

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    Cut a circle, measure it across 5 points

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    An easier way to check how close your X and Y axes are to square is just to drill 3 holes, the same diameter, to make a (should be) right angled triangle. i.e. Holes at (0,0) , (X,0) , (0,Y). You can then measure the 3 lengths and use that to either calculate the angle, or draw a diagram in a cad program and measure it. There are less errors in this method then cutting a shape, in addition to it requiring less material - could even just use the bed if it's MDF.
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  7. Ive always drilled 4 holes in a square pattern (utilising your bed size) in 2 plates and put 4 dowls in one half and fit the 2 halfs together... if its fits then thats pretty good going. no milling just drilling.

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