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    hi every one its Keith iv just purchased the license for mach3 cost 124.53 it comes from a e-mail with attachment I opened the attachment thinking there was a code wrong you don't open it so I sent it to my documents and put it onto a CD then put it onto the computer that runs my machine it well not go onto the internet old computer ,mach have told me to just double-click it and go through the menus to install mach3 .but nothing happens not on the e-mail nor on my documents or the seconed computer !!iv now been told by mach to right click on the fill then click on copy but it just stops highlighted the same with the e-mail attachment and my documents and the computer that im running my machine from ,you should be able to copy and past into mach ,not happening !!right click on copy and it just stops highlighted on both computers ,DOES ANYONE NO HOW TO PUT THE FILL LICENSE INTO MACH3 HELP IM PULLING OUT MY HAIR YOURS KEITH

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    Kieth, the license for Mach is a small file called Mach1Lic.dat and is 201 K in size
    You copy this file and put it into C:\Mach3 and that's it, If it wants to overwrite an existing file then let it.

    When you open up Mach3 if you go to Help on the top menu bar then About Mach3 controller it should give your man in the top box proving it is licensed.

    If for some reason it hasn't taken the file it will say demo version.

    John S.

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    thanks john iv done it
    go onto where you keep your mach3 license
    right click on it and copy
    go onto my computer
    open local disk c
    right click on mach 3
    and click past
    yours Keith

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