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  1. Good day all.

    A quick off topic post.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else here plays about with the Arduino microcontroller platform.

    Best Regards.
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    I've only used PICs, in C and ASM. Apparently arduino's are a lot easier to start with, since the commands are more like spoken language. Is there something specific you want to make with one?
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    I've currently got 4 arduinos in various shapes/forms, which will be increasing significantly once I've tested my new custom sheild PCBs that are currently in the post somewhere.

    They're quite a good bit of kit, and the new ARM based one looks good, but my current project is designed around the Mega, so I can't justify playing with it just yet.

  4. Jonathan: I have no current on going projects with my Arduino's, I just wanted to find out if others here also used it.

    Maybe I should I put the title as "Off Topic - Any arduino user here?", as the current title does sound like I am asking for help.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    i have a mini controlling a bubble tube, and currently testing my uno which will convert to a mini when i'm happy with the design to temp control a homebrew cupboard.

    i'm really basic with mine as i only started playing with one a few months back, it's something i wish they had when i was at school

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    I'm using Arduino Pro Mini's in various RC projects.


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    I've got a couple of Arduinos, I have an on-going project to create a MIDI synth controller that plays like a harmonica. I have programmed an arduino to act as a computer input for a friend's wacky idea. Nice Toy !


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    I program the arduino in C++, I can write it, but not speak it


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    I've got one to play around with with, not done anything with it yet. I plan to have a go with GRBL, another thing that I am interested in making is a lightshow which responds to music. I do a fair bit of coding in my day job so shouldn't be a problem getting going :)

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    arduino's are quality. :-D.... get an xbee wireless adapter they are even more fun. Mine is what originally got me into cnc.. I made a little plotter... Even "invented" gcode... before I realised I wasnt the first one! :-D

    ive got loads. too many. best achievement lap timer for multiple rc cars... but ive also got one on my american style mailbox that emails me. and one that controls my curtains... (but thats a story for another day!)

    Its a really exciting time for computer / electronics (wish I was 20 years younger!, my career path may of been different) between these an the Rasberry Pi's it must encourage lots of younguns to be a bit more experimental. if they can prize themselves off their games consoles. WIsh I had one when I was 14 up in my parents loft with my meccano.

    Jonathons a bit hardcode by the sounds of it >> we already knew that.
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